Client Testimonials

Steve came very highly recommended to me for representation in a wrongful death case. He was excellent to deal with, very helpful and professional. I would recommend Steve and his law office to any one in need of any type of legal representation.

by Mike

We can’t say enough about Steve Phillips and everyone in his office!! His first priority was for our daughter and helping us make sure she had the best care. His second was for us, as parents, to help us be able to give her what she needed throughout her life. I will recommend Steve and his law office forever!!

by Kathy & Dan

I was given Mr. Phillips name by my new doctor (another very satisfied former client of his) after I told her that my case was turned down by 2 other VERY WELL KNOWN law firms because the case was too difficult and that no one would ever testify against the previous doctor who permanently injured me. I called, met with Mr. Phillips and some of his staff, and they were willing to handle the case. Through his and his firm’s hard work, we were able to recover a large sum. The money will never bring my health and condition back to where I was before the malpractice, but now at least I can afford to have live-in nursing care.

by Shirl

Mr. Phillips is #1 in my experience with a wrongful death auto accident case. He was compassionate, professional, patient and prompt in returning my calls to answer my questions in representing my family’s case. I would tell anyone who needs legal representation, that Mr. Phillips is TOP in his field to get the job done!!!!

by Libby

I was in an auto accident. I received Mr. Phillips name from a friend of mine who is also a lawyer. He said that Mr. Phillips was one of the top lawyers in Chicago. I did some research on the internet and found out that everything my friend had said about him was true. Although my case was rather small compared to most of the cases that he normally handles, he treated me with the utmost respect. He was patient, listened to all my questions, provided answers and was very responsive whenever I called. I felt like I was a family member, the way he treated me. I was extremely pleased with the results of his work. I would HIGHLY recommend him to ANYONE who needs a personal injury lawyer!!!

by T.C.