If a spouse has suffered a severe, debilitating or disabling injury, one will most likely lose certain marital benefits that they have experienced since the onset of the marriage. Some of those benefits are obvious, such as a spouse cooking or performing household chores, while other benefits may be less apparent, such as the loss of society and companionship. In legal terms, when a spouse is injured and the non-injured spouse suffers the loss of marital benefits, lawyers refer to it as the loss of consortium. An uninjured spouse can incorporate their loss of consortium claims into the injured spouse’s personal injury claims. For a trusted Chicago personal injury attorney, those suffering should contact Phillips Law Offices.

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If an individual has been a victim of financial damages for an injured spouse, the top of the line team at Phillips Law Offices can provide the legal representation that one requires. The attorneys at Phillips Law Offices have been successfully assisting those in need in obtaining full and fair financial compensation for over 65 years. This top law firm in the Midwest offers those individuals who have experienced financial damages a personal injury lawyer to explain the legal options, and fight to restore justice and dignity for those who have been impacted. Phillips Law Offices provides personalized and attentive service for every client working with their law office, regardless of the level of severity. The team at Phillips Law Offices can help clients to understand confusing medical terms, complicated legal procedures, and an overwhelming amount of paperwork to help alleviate the headache that lawsuits can be and resolve one’s claim so the victim can move on.

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The term consort traditionally refers to an individual’s husband or wife and to consort with someone means that an individual is associating with that person. A loss of consortium means that an individual has lost specific benefits derived from the association with that other person. When claiming loss of consortium, one must attempt to quantify or assign a monetary value to concepts such as friendship, affection, and companionship. The hardship that stems from the loss of consortium is significant and courts must recognize the validity of these claims.

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During the court process, various factors will be considered such as the stability of one’s marriage, life expectancies of the spouses, and the extent to which various marital benefits were lost. For example, a husband who is stuck in a long-term coma would represent an extensive loss of consortium as the wife would be at a loss for the husband and what he provides for a significant period of time.

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While every loss of consortium claim is different, some may be able to be included such a claim in a personal injury lawsuit.  A personal injury attorney deals in cases involving a person who is harmed as a result of another person’s negligence, carelessness, or as a result of malpractice. A personal injury case arises when a person has sustained a physical or psychological injury stemming from an accident. The negligence caused by another can have a major impact on one’s health, their physical abilities, their financial earning potential, and their overall quality of life. The victim may no longer be able to support their family or enjoy the activities that they have enjoyed throughout their life. Those who have caused such harm to the victims deserve to pay for what they have done and the team at Phillips Law Offices wants to hold the wrongdoers accountable for their negligence.

Over the past 65 years, the personal injury lawyers have provided top of the line representation for accidents such as vehicular accidents, wrongful death, medical malpractice, professional negligence, amongst many other areas. The team at Phillips Law Offices in Chicago consider many factors as they seek to determine how much to seek in terms of settlement. The personal injury lawyers will consult with medical experts, economists, rehabilitation experts, medical illustrators, along with others who will help to build a case for how much compensation a victim deserves. The personal injury lawyers at Phillips Law Offices is ready to fight for the victim as long as it will take and until the victim gets exactly what they deserve.

As with many lawsuits, victims are often concerned with legal fees. The legal fees often vary based on factors such as the complexity of one’s case, how many outside experts are consulted, and the amount of time it takes to bring one’s case to the appropriate conclusion. While some cases lasts a few short months and others can last years, which causes a dramatic shift in costs. Fortunately for victims, Phillips Law Offices will typically accept their fees on a contingency basis which means that the attorney’s fees will be paid from the settlement or jury award that is recovered at the conclusion.

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Those who are suffering from financial damages due to an injured spouse deserve legal assistance from a firm that has a history of success. With Phillips Law Offices spending the past 65 years achieving success, they prove to be the best choice in the Chicago area.

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