When most individuals think about issues that one may experience at a nursing home, they think of abuse such as physical harm, verbal abuse, or sexual misconduct. In addition to those forms of abuse, the most common form of abuse that one may receive from a nursing home staff member comes in the form of nursing home neglect or abuse. Nursing home neglect or abuse may be difficult to identify, but the consequences from it are very clear. The elderly who experience nursing home abuse endure this neglect frequently suffer disabling injuries, failing health, and an overall reduced quality of life. The neglect and outright abuse of elders in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities is a growing epidemic. According to the National Institute of Justice, it is estimated that as many as 2.1 million elderly Americans suffer from nursing home abuse each year and most cases go unreported because elder abuse and neglect is not always apparent. By hiring a nursing home abuse attorney, one can discover if they have endured nursing home neglect or abuse and how to proceed legally.

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The Difference Between Abuse and Neglect

The difference between abuse and neglect is something that is required in order to legally combat the hardships that an individual has experienced in the nursing home. Abuse is a more active process in which the defendant takes some sort of action that is harmful to the victim. On the other hand, cases of neglect are characterized by inaction or a failure to act appropriately. For example, if a staff member at a nursing home has ignore an elderly resident for days on end, this would be a case of neglect.
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Indicators of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Nursing home abuse takes many forms and can be physical, emotional, or financial in nature. Elederly mistreatment can range from battery to sexual abuse to more subtle abuse such as failure to provide prompt medical treatment or assist with personal hygiene. Some of the categories of nursing home neglect include:

           Physical Abuse: Physical abuse can consist of broken bones, bleeding, bruises, cuts, or unexplained infections or disease.

          Emotional Abuse: This type of abuse can be observed with changes in emotions, discomfort around caretakers, or depression and anxiety.

          Financial Neglect: This form of neglect can look like sudden financial difficulty, unpaid bills, change in will or power of attorney, and unexpected activity on back accounts or credit cards.

          Emotional Neglect: Emotional neglect can be observed in a change of emotions, discomfort around caretakers, depression or anxiety. This type of neglect can stem from caretakers isolating nursing home members.

          Medical Neglect: This form of neglect comes from a staff member being unable or unwilling to care for the medical needs of a resident. This can result in infections or bedsores. Additionally, staff members can also fail to ensure that a resident is taking medications for pre-existing medical conditions.

          Neglect of Basic Needs: If a nursing home resident is not provided with regular food and water or is not living in a clean environment, one is experiencing neglect of basic needs.

Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuits

Nursing home neglect and abuse can take a large toll on patients and their loved ones. Families of those who are being abused in nursing homes can be left with the burden of medical bills and guilt, while victims suffer from disability, disfigurement, emotional anguish, and an overall reduced quality of life. A nursing home abuse acclaim may not be able to undo the pain that the victim has experienced, but it can provide crucial financial support to help the individual and their family being the recovery process. Phillips Law Offices can assist those who have experienced nursing home neglect file a lawsuit in an attempt to hold the nursing home facilities accountable by recovering compensation for losses and motivating the nursing home system to improve care by hiring better personnel, maintaining adequate staffing, and providing proper training.

Nursing Home Negligence

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