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Should I accept a settlement offer in my Illinois nursing home abuse case?

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Many Illinois nursing home abuse cases are settled outside of the courtroom. However, whether you should settle depends on the unique characteristics of your case. Your nursing home abuse lawyer can help you determine the most effective legal strategy for you and your elderly loved one.

When a nursing home abuse case is settled either prior to or after a lawsuit is filed, the plaintiff agrees to accept a set monetary amount in exchange for dismissal of the case. But just because a settlement is offered, doesn’t mean you should accept. Often times, the insurance provider of a nursing home will make a low-ball settlement offer in hopes of saving money. In fact, it’s the job of insurance adjusters to minimize payouts to injured parties.

We strongly suggest working with a knowledgeable nursing home neglect lawyer who can help you assign a realistic monetary value to the economic and non-economic damages suffered by your loved one. Ultimately, your settlement should take into account the facts and circumstances of the case, the amount of the offer, and the personal decision of whether you want to settle or try the case. An experienced lawyer such as the Chicago personal injury attorneys at Phillips Law Offices will work with you to weigh the pros, cons and overall fairness of the offer.

Nursing home abuse claims can be understandably overwhelming. If your loved one was injured as a result of abuse or neglect in a nursing home, they may have endured expensive medical treatment, disability, pain and suffering, and diminished quality of life. Ideally, a fair settlement should cover all bills associated with their injury, as well as give you peace of mind.

There is no amount of money that can undo your loved one’s suffering. However, fair compensation – whether achieved by negotiation or by going to trial – can go a long way toward restoring justice and dignity to your loved one.


Are assisted living centers in Illinois required to keep records of the care provided?

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By state law, Illinois assisted living centers are required to keep records of patient care and staffing. Maintaining these files allows the state to monitor facilities to ensure care being rendered to nursing home residents is appropriate and safe. When misconduct is reported, records also allow the state and lawyers like the nursing home abuse attorneys at Phillips Law Offices to determine whether assisted living centers properly cared for a patient.

Even with state regulations in place, abuse in nursing homes and other assisted living centers remains an all too common occurrence. In fact, more than half a million cases of nursing home abuse are reported to authorities each year in the U.S. Sadly, many more incidents of abuse go unreported.

Neglect and abuse in nursing homes can be difficult to detect and even harder to prove. Embarrassment, fear of retaliation and cognitive impairments such as dementia prevent many abuse victims from coming forward. Meanwhile, families of the elderly may mistake signs of abuse, which can range from bruises and bedsores to increased disorientation or anxiety, as normal symptoms of aging. Examining medical and employee records is a critical step in identifying abuse and holding nursing homes accountable.

If you suspect someone you love has suffered abuse in a nursing home or other assisted living facility, it’s important to have your loved one’s records evaluated by a legal professional to determine your legal options. A qualified nursing abuse attorney has the legal expertise and resources to evaluate medical records for abuse and neglect. If misconduct is found, your attorney will advocate on your behalf.

Elder abuse comes in many forms, but its impacts are often the same. Victims of nursing home abuse and their families are frequently left with costs ranging from medical bills and injury to pain and suffering and reduced quality of life. By reviewing nursing home records, your attorney can determine whether you have an Illinois nursing home abuse claim – and whether you are entitled to financial compensation for harm suffered.

Are Illinois assisted living centers monitored for possible abuse and neglect?

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When you have a loved one in an Illinois assisted living center, it’s understandable to be concerned with the quality of care they are receiving. The state of Illinois is in charge of regulating the operation and licensing of its assisted living facilities. However, as in any government system, violations often fall between the cracks. If you suspect abuse or neglect in an assisted living center, nursing home or other long-term care facility, it’s a good idea to speak with an experienced Illinois nursing home abuse lawyer.

With limited budgets and personnel, states can only do so much to monitor assisted living facilities. It’s up to vigilant assisted living center staff, families of residents, and attorneys to ensure facilities maintain a proper standard of care, and to hold them accountable when they fail to do so.

Nursing home abuse and neglect is more common than many people realize. More than half a million instances of elder abuse are reported to authorities each year, with many more cases going unreported. Misconduct in assisted living facilities can take many forms, from outright physical or sexual abuse to subtle negligence or emotional abuse. However, all forms of abuse have the potential to wreak devastating impacts on long-term care patients, including serious injury, failing health, diminished quality of life and even death.

Often times, Chicago nursing home abuse goes undetected because victims are cognitively impaired or embarrassed to report misconduct. This is why it’s so critical for families to keep close watch on their loved ones. When a loved one suffers abuse at the mercy of caregivers, nursing home abuse lawyers such as the team at Phillips Law Offices exist to hold nursing homes responsible.

There is no justification for the abuse or neglect of our society’s most vulnerable citizens. If you believe abuse and/or neglect is occurring in an Illinois assisted living center, it’s important to speak up. Your Chicago nursing home abuse attorney can help you put a stop to the wrongdoing and restore the dignity, and rights, of your elderly loved one.