Multiple Sclerosis Patients at High Risk of Misdiagnosis

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medical malpractice lawyer in ChicagoMultiple sclerosis is a neurological condition, that involves a number of symptoms including vision problems, muscular fatigue, problems of coordination, difficult and walking, and other symptoms. However, persons who suffer from multiple sclerosis are much more likely to have a delayed diagnosis.

A new study finds that many people who suffer from multiple sclerosis visit their doctor at least four times before they are referred to a neurologist for extensive investigation. The study found that 28% of the people were informed by their doctor that they suffered from a trapped nerve, while 40% were informed that they suffered from anxiety, depression or stress, while 11 percent were informed that they had suffered a stroke. Approximately 20% of the people waited up to three years to get a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.

That means severe strain on a person’s mental health and emotions. Multiple sclerosis is a condition that has distressing symptoms, including loss of muscular control, and not being informed about the cause of these symptoms is emotionally draining. According to the researchers, primary care physicians must take the time to educate themselves about the early warning signs of multiple sclerosis, and make quick decisions to refer patients to neurologists, for accurate diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.

If you have suffered any injury because of misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis, discuss filing a claim for compensation with a medical malpractice lawyer in Chicago. A delay in diagnosis can mean a delay in treatment, complicating the person’s condition. Schedule a consultation with a medical malpractice lawyer in Chicago and discuss filing a claim.

What Are the Signs of Cerebral Palsy?

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medical malpractice lawyer in ChicagoThe signs of cerebral palsy that you need to look out for in your child, may involve everything from gross and fine motor function, to speech disabilities, sensory impairment, and other symptoms. These signs are not immediately visible after birth.

Therefore, if you had a difficult birth, or if you believe that doctors delayed performing a C-section resulting in oxygen deprivation, of if there were any other medical errors during the birth, look out for signs of cerebral palsy to determine whether the child has suffered brain damage as a result of the oxygen deprivation.

Children with cerebral palsy almost always show signs of development delay. They will reach key milestones, like sitting up, rolling over, and walking, much later. If you notice these signs in your child, consult a pediatrician immediately. Chances are that if the delivery was traumatic, your pediatrician will look for signs of cerebral palsy.

The quicker your child can be diagnosed with cerebral palsy, the better. If your child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy due to the negligence of medical staff during his birth, speak with a medical malpractice lawyer in Chicago about how you can file a claim for damages. Cerebral palsy is one of the more common forms of birth injuries that may qualify a person for damages. Schedule a consultation with a medical malpractice lawyer in Chicago.

How Doctors Estimate the Lifespan of a Child with Cerebral Palsy

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Chicago medical malpractice lawyerIt can be challenging to determine the expected lifespan of a child who suffers from cerebral palsy. Typically, these conditions are not detected at birth, and even after the child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, doctor may not immediately determine the extent and severity of the impairments. These estimations may be important for a Chicago medical malpractice lawyer to claim damages.

The child’s estimated lifespan depends on the number of impairments that the child suffers from, disabilities as a result of the condition, and the level of severity of the cerebral palsy. Other factors include restrictions that the child faces in mobility, feeding problems, and the presence of seizures that can complicate health and medical issues. The lifespan can also depend on the respiratory functioning as well as cognitive functioning of the child. The higher the number of impairments that the child suffers from, the lower is his expected lifespan. The more severe the symptoms of cerebral palsy that the child suffers, the lower is the life expectancy.

Filing a birth injury claim for cerebral palsy can help recover damages to help you take of your child’s expenses well into the future. A child with cerebral palsy may, depending on the severity of his condition, require long term medical care, special aids to facilitate moving around, and other facilities to improve his quality of life. Speak to a Chicago medical malpractice lawyer about filing a birth injury claim.

Determining If You Have a Valid Claim for Cerebral Palsy

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Chicago medical malpractice lawyerIn many cases, cerebral palsy is the result of hypoxia, or oxygen deprivation at birth. This typically occurs in those cases where a C-section has been delayed, causing a disruption in the flow of oxygen to the baby’s brain, leading to oxygen deprivation, and possibly serious brain damage. One of the consequences of such brain damage is cerebral palsy.

Broadly, in order to file a medical malpractice claim for damages for birth injury suffered at your child’s birth, you must be able to prove that the doctor failed to meet the obligations for a reasonable standard of care, and that the failure to meet those obligations caused the injury to your child. You must also be able to prove that the cerebral palsy your child has suffered from is the direct result of the doctor’s negligence. Talk with a Chicago medical practice lawyer about whether you have a valid claim.

You may believe that the doctor was negligent in causing your child’s birth injury, but a court will require substantial evidence of this. That can be provided in the form of medical records, and other medical evidence. To determine whether you have valid grounds for a claim for cerebral palsy, speak with a Chicago medical malpractice lawyer.

Summer Driving Tips

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car accident lawyer in ChicagoWith the year’s busy summer driving season already here, it is important for motorists to keep in mind that they’re now sharing the roads, not just with more numbers of motorists, but more intoxicated, distracted, and speeding motorists. Many motorists are driving on vacation, which means that they don’t prioritize driving safety. Besides, summer is likely to see more numbers of teen motorists on the road, a high- risk category of motorists.

This summer, ensure that you’re driving, with no distractions in the car. Switch off your cell phones, and minimize distractions from children and other occupants in your car. If you’re driving long distances, carry along games, snacks, puzzles, toys and other objects to keep children busy, and avoid distractions from the backseat. If you’re traveling with your pet, make sure that it is restrained in a pet carrier or booster seat. For help filing a claim after an accident, speak to a car accident lawyer in Chicago.

Avoid driving under the influence of alcohol. Make sure that you and everybody else in your car is buckled up safely. Children must always be restrained in an appropriate child restraint.

We hope you have an enjoyable and fun-filled summer. If however, you are involved in an accident, get help filing a claim by calling a car accident lawyer in Chicago.

Can Your Motorcycle Helmet Prevent Injuries in an Accident?

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Chicago motorcycle accident lawyerIt is important to buy a motorcycle helmet that is approved by the Department of Transportation. A helmet like this meets the manufacturing design and safety standards established in the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard. However, there are many helmets widely available in the market that may look safe and sturdy, but do not meet standards set by the Department of Transportation. Also known as novelty helmets, these helmets may do nothing to help protect the skull in the event of impact.

During a motorcycle helmet, a motorcyclist may be thrown several feet away from the point of impact, and may land with a jolt on the hard asphalt. The risk of severe head injuries is extremely high in a situation like this, and head injuries are some of the most deadly injuries a motorcyclist can suffer in an accident. For assistance filing a head injury claim after a motorcycle accident, consult with a Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer.

A helmet that meets specifications set by the federal administration is much more likely to cushion the skull against impact. A novelty helmet on the other hand, is unlikely to do so. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently announced that it was considering rules that would allow motorcyclists to better gauge the quality of the helmet they are considering buying, especially whether the helmet meets federal safety standards.

Motorcycle accidents can result in serious injuries with significant damages. For help recovering damages after an accident, speak with a Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer.

Study Finds Breed -Specific Legislation Doesn’t Help Prevent Dog Bites

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Chicago dog bite lawyerCertain cities in Chicago have dangerous ordinances in place that ban certain breeds altogether. The logic behind these bans is that they help prevent the risk of dog bites involving these particular breeds. For instance, Aledo, Barry, East Dubuque , North Chicago, Village of Addison and Village of Golf, have ordinances that ban the owning of pit bulls. Buffalo Grove restricts both pit bulls as well as Rottweilers.

However, a new study that was conducted in Ireland actually found that hospitalizations as the result of dog bites have actually increased, since the country’s new law restricting certain breeds went into effect. Under Ireland’s Control of Dogs regulation, 11 types of dogs including Rottweilers, American pit bull Terriers, and others must be leashed and muzzled while they are in public. They must also be walked by a person who is above the age of 16.

The law was specifically enacted to reduce the risk of dog bites. However, the study finds that this method has not worked, and could possibly increase the number of dog bites. The researchers believe that designating certain types of breeds as dangerous, and banning these, could possibly give people a false sense of security, and may cause them to behave dangerously when they’re around other breeds of dogs.

If you were injured in a dog bite, seek help filing a claim from a Chicago dog bite lawyer. You may be eligible for damages that include medical expenses and lost wages. Call to speak with a Chicago dog bite lawyer.

Filing a Claim after a Bus Accident With a Chicago Accident Lawyer

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Two buses, one stop.Bus crashes in Chicago can involve serious injuries, and even fatalities. A recent bus accident, that occurred in Chicago involved a Chicago Transit Authority bus jumping the curb, and into a sidewalk. The accident occurred during rush hour, just close to the Michigan Avenue, and Lake Street intersection downtown. There were no passengers in the bus at the time of the accident and it appears that the bus driver lost consciousness while at the wheel. Investigations into the accident are likely to focus on whether the driver dozed off or suffered a medical emergency at the wheel.

If you were involved in a Chicago bus crash, discuss filing a claim with a Chicago accident lawyer. Your rights after a bus accident can differ depending on whether you were traveling in a bus at the time, or whether you were outside the bus. Additionally, filing a claim is much more complicated than filing an auto accident claim. A claim will involve a number of steps, before you can even begin the process of recovering damages.

If you were injured in a bus crash in Chicago, speak to a Chicago accident lawyer and discuss your options for compensation. However, it is important to speak to an attorney immediately, to ensure that vital evidence in your case is retained, and that all deadlines for filing a claim are adhered to.

Injuries That Can Occur in a Chicago Bus Crash

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Vdl Nefaz 52997Persons involved in a Chicago bus crash may suffer a variety of injuries. From broken bones, fractures and amputations to head and spinal injuries, there are a number of injuries that can occur when the bus that you are traveling in meets with an accident. You may be thrown off your seat upon impact, and are at risk of striking the interior of the bus, or even worse, being ejected from the bus. Partial or complete ejection from the bus during a Chicago bus crash could result in instant death, or brain or spinal injuries.

In a recent Chicago bus crash, a Chicago Transit Authority bus plowed through a crowded sidewalk during rush hour, killing at least one woman and injuring several others. Witnesses at the scene reported that the driver was unconscious at the wheel when the bus came to a stop. This seems to indicate that the driver dozed off, or suffered a medical emergency, and investigations will probe this angle.

Meanwhile, don’t ignore any injury that you have suffered in a CTA bus accident in Chicago. Get these injuries treated immediately, even if they do not seem so serious. Some injuries, like whiplash, may seem minor in the beginning, but symptoms may begin to worsen after weeks.

For assistance filing a claim for compensation to recover damages after a bus accident in Chicago, speak to a Chicago transportation lawyer. Compensation could include medical expenses, lost wages, and disability. Schedule a consultation with a Chicago accident lawyer today.

What to Do if You Have Been the Victim of a Medical Malpractice in Chicago

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No one deserves to be injured because of the negligence or incompetence of a health care provider. Unfortunately, medical malpractice is an ongoing problem. Experienced Chicago malpractice attorneys, however, can help you seek justice when you or a loved one suffers injury through the mistakes of a doctor, nurse, anesthesiologist or health care facility.

Malpractice occurs when doctors and other health care providers fail to meet an acceptable standard of care and their negligence causes avoidable harm to a patient. Some typical forms of malpractice include the following:

  • Surgical errors
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Failure to diagnose
  • Operating on the wrong body part or patient
  • Prescribing the wrong medication or the wrong dosage of a medication

The result can be severe injury, permanent disability and even death.  If you have suffered physical, emotional and financial distress because of an injury, you may be eligible to file a claim to recover monetary compensation for economic damages, such as medical expenses and non-economic damages such as pain and suffering.

What should you do if you have been injured?

The first thing to do is seek proper medical attention. Secure your health and safety and then worry about details later. Afterward, some of the things you can do to make your claim more likely to succeed include:

  • Keeping a journal detailing how you felt before, during and after your injury
  • Saving all hospital and doctor’s bills
  • Attending all recommended follow-up visits with health care professionals

Knowledgeable Illinois personal injury attorneys are aware that courts are no longer limited in the amount they can award for non-economic damages in a malpractice case. The previous cap of $500,000 for doctors and $1 million for hospitals was struck down by the Illinois Supreme Court in February 2010.

An experienced and skilled Chicago malpractice attorney from the Phillips Law Offices in Chicago can help you pursue fair compensation for your damages.